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Leasing With Plugged

At Plugged we offer a seamless way to become a part of the future of automated dispensaries/smoke shops. When leasing with Plugged, you will never have to worry about employees, payroll, managing inventory or any of the other struggles that come with operating a traditional brick-and-mortar business. We take care of it all! All you have to do is choose a winning location for one or multiple of our machines, and sit back and relax

Our Strategy

Our model is designed to make the experience of owning a dispensary/smoke shop as easy and as profitable as possible for our clients. We offer the ability to operate your own business 24/7, 365 with zero employees and zero stress. When you lease with Plugged, we take care of maintaining stock of the machine, reordering products, maintenance and upkeep, warehousing of products, software updates, and access to our advertising clients that want to promote their brand on your machine! That's the Plugged Full Service Guarantee.

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